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The link to the TK Park lifelong learning libraries network in Thailand

Core SDGs

4.3 Lifelong learning measures
Universities need to highlight the lifelong learning opportunities they provide
4.3.1 Public resources (lifelong learning)
Provide free access to educational resources for those not studying at the university.
4.3.4 Education outreach activities beyond campus undertake educational outreach activities

Core SDGs

17.2 Relationships to support the goals
17.2.5 Collaboration with NGOs for SDGs Collaborate with NGOs to tackle the SDGs through student volunteering programs, research programs, or the development of educational resources

Project Objectives

1. To research and develop a project system linking the TK Park library network service for lifelong learning
2. To provide equal educational and academic services to the libraries of the TK Park in the 26 regional areas of Thailand.

The link to the TK Park lifelong learning libraries network in Thailand

SDGs Content Story

In Thailand, the transformational initiative known as the Thailand Knowledge Park or TK Park Lifelong Learning Libraries Network has weaved a unique tract of knowledge, innovation, and community empowerment in promoting lifelong learning and learning. Educate yourself outside the university area. This project allows the community to access learning resources through the digital library system. The core of the system is designed and powered by Walailak University. This story is one of dedication, cooperation, and pursuit of sustainable development, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A Vision Emerges
Thailand’s TK Park supports lifelong learning by providing a wide range of educational resources and creating access to lifelong learning opportunities for people of all genders, ages, and levels. The issues supported by the Park include digital learning resources. Promoting community lifelong learning partnerships and lifelong learning promotion projects. Currently, there are 30 provincial learning parks, 76 school life libraries, and 300 sub-district learning centers forming a network of TK Park learning parks, whose primary services include: Arrangement of modern reading and learning promotion activities through a variety of learning materials such as books, music, multimedia, as well as collaborating with external organizations, both public and private in organizing activities to promote the exchange of learning for children and youth as well.

Informatics Innovation Center of Excellence, School of Informatics, Walailak University has cooperated in developing and maintaining the Walai AutoLIB digital library system for TK Park since 2017-present. And have been working together to develop information systems for providing, storing, and managing information resources. This year, Walailak University has collaborated with TK Park to develop a plan for linking Thailand's learning network library service. To promote services for lifelong learning according to TK Park's policy. The goal is to provide information resources that promote effective learning for TK Park's regional branches in various Thailand provinces. Digital content services are encouraged to reduce the burden of physical service areas, reduce maintenance procedures, and reduce the number of service personnel. This project can meet the needs of modern users rather than traditional library-style services. In particular, the ability to access learning resources outside a university or school campus.
Walailak University has been working with TK Park to develop systems, provide services, and train communities that are users of the regional learning park. It consists of TK Park staff and TK Park digital library system users. The target in the first phase is five provinces and will continue to expand the project results in the next fiscal year if the project achieves the goals set. This plan is for the benefit of lifelong learning for Thai people.

Lifelong for All
The program's primary focus is a commitment to SDG 4 – Quality Education. The TK Park network of lifelong learning libraries offers a wide range of resources, workshops, and activities to enrich formal and informal learning experiences. TK Park Library instills a love of lifelong learning in all ages, from interactive exhibits and storytelling for children to skill-building workshops for adults.
SDG 4 is closely intertwined with SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals. TK Park libraries serve as excellent examples of public-private partnerships. These libraries transcend their role as mere knowledge repositories through collaborations with local governments and community organizations in provincial Thailand. They become vibrant hubs catering to society's unique needs, encouraging inclusive and sustainable lifelong learning ecosystems.

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